Hello. Thank you for visiting my website.

Since you found this site, I imagine you might want to know about Jungian psychotherapy and may be looking for a therapist who could help you to understand and work through your present life difficulties.

This is work I have been privileged to do for over forty years, first as a priest, then as a rehabilitation counselor and, ultimately, as a psychotherapist, psychologist and Jungian psychoanalyst.

As I’m sure you know, every human being struggles at times. Just when we think that things are set and in balance, events happen which knock us to our knees. There really is no safe way in life. There is only change. And change can mean uncertainty and difficulties. But change can also mean psychological and spiritual growth.

Perhaps I can help you grow through and beyond your present difficulties. Let me tell you a little more about how this can happen by reading about my philosophy.